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Prog with many different influences and styles. Progressive rock,
jazzy harmonies, gentle giant, grungy guitars. All in one in a truly
unique style of their own. "Suffocating the bloom", from 1992, is a
true classic within complex prog rock.

» Suffocating the bloom 139:-
» Echolyn *2CD* 169:-
» Stars and gardens (2-DVD) 249:-
» I heard you listening 159:-

Melodic, progressive rock founded by Gilbert Marshall (ex-Magic Pie).
Sound and feel is a bit like the more melodic side of the afore
mentione band with som Pink Floyd added to it
» Momentum 139:-


Progressive, melodic goth rock with a fusion feel
featuring Marcela Bovio (Stream Of Passion).

» Elfonía 39:-

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British style prog with x-vocalist of Big Big Train.
» War & Peace and other short stories 139:-

Semiprog with some Pink Floyd to it.
» Elinoire 139:-
» Mirage 139:-

Interesting and emotional prog with really fine female vocals .
» Thritemis festiva 39:-
» Marking time 59:-

Dark, heavy prog with Rush, Cross and Arena influences on the 2 first albums.
On their third effort they turned more into a progmetal band.

» Fiction edge 99:-
» Snooze (2CD) 139:-

Modern yet classic style swedish prog.
» Thirteen Eight 139:-
» Brighter skies 139:-

Modern psychedelic prog rock.
» The viewing point 69:-

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British 90's style neo-prog.
» Nothing is written *remastered w bonus* 119:-
» Following ghosts *remastered* 119:-
» Sleepers 139:-
» Year Zero *remastered 2CD version* 169:-
» Resonance-Live in Poland *Ltd DVD+CD* 215:-
» Sleepless in Phoenixville *2CD* 149:-
» Battle scars 149:-
» Beyond the realms of euphoria 149:-
» Empires never last *Deluxe edition* 149:-


Timeless progressive rock with superb keyboardwork and fine compositions.
Sometimes they are beeing compared to Rush but you can also find influences
from Yes, Genesis or any other classic prog-rock act. Delivered in their own vein.

» King of Aragon 89:-
» Mind over matter 125:-
» Beyond dreams 125:-
» From land to ocean *2CD* 219:-
» Engines of creation 125:-
» In the wake of the moon 135:-

Symphonic prog. A band who loves Yes, ELP, myths, rings and concept albums.
» Perelandra 139:-
» Live and revive 139:-
» On to the Evermore 139:-
» Chronomotree 139:-
» Lex Rex 139:-
» Shadowlands 139:-
» Lex Live *DVD NTSC Region 0* 189:-
» Live at The Tivoli *DVD* 189:-
» Three cheers for the broken hearted 139:-
» If 139:-
» Cor cordium 139:-
» Perilous 139:-
» Ode to echo 139:-
» The Breaking of The World 139:-


Finest progressive symphonic rock. Rather complex but never loosing
an extraordinary sense for melodies. Appealing to all kinds of progheads
» Close grip *rem* 79:-
» 2nd hands 79:-


A nice and mellow mix of 70's progressive rock with some influences of the
neoprog movement. Fans of Genesis, Camel, Arena and Kaipa likes this act.

» Tricks of time 115:-


Symphonic rock mixing Yes, ELP, Genesis and Rush in a very nice way.
His Genesis influenced vocals style can also be heard on the K2 album.

» The Epic quality of life 139:-
» Archives 139:-

Solo project with Rikard Sjöblom of Beardfish. Late 60's influenced music
with hints of Big Brother & The Holding Company, Traffic and The Band but
with a modern indie prog twist aa well as a Beardfish feel to it.

» Please be quiet 125:-
» Lamentations *CD+DVD* 125:-

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