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INTROITUS - Fantasy *rem*


Mats Bender -keyboards, guitars, percussion
Anna Jobs Bender -lead vocals
Per Danielsson -guitars
Peter Wetterberg -bass
Mattias Bender -drums, percussion
Stefan Ekedahl -cello, swedish bagpipe
Tony Fritzon -saxophone
Matilda Kock -flute
Johanna Bender -choir vox
Anna Nyström -choir vox
Sanna Hansson -choir vox
Anna Hansback -choir vox
Stefan Bohlin -choir vox

Track listing
1 Genesis (7:17)
2 Child (5:56)
3 (Ghost (9:12)
4 Fantasy Parts I-V (26:02
5 Crossroads (8:43)
6 Here and now (6:55)
7 Magical moment (8:25)

Produced by Mats Bender
Originally released on Bender Produktion in 2007
Remastered version released by Progress Records in August 2011
Cat No: PRCD 045

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