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GRAND STAND - Tricks of time

GRAND STAND - "Tricks of Time" ALBUM INFO:

Olov Andersson -keyboards, backing vocals
Göran Johnsson -bass, lead vocals, keyboards
Michael R Jensen -guitars
Tomas Hurtig -drums
Hansi Cross -backing vocals
Fredrik Andersson -backing vocals

Track listing

1 Jurassic spark (11:24)
2 Words are not enough (4:01)
3 Waiting for water (9:39)
4 Empty barrels rattle the most (9:34)
5 Old man's tale (16:00)

Produced by Grand Stand and Hansi Cross
Recorded and mixed at GS Studio and Progress Studio between Aug 2001 and Feb 2002.

Released by Progress Records 2002

Download mp3-sample (1.2mb)

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