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GALLEON - Heritage & Visions


Galleon - "Heritage & Visions" ALBUM INFO:

Göran Fors -Vocals, Rickenbacker bass, Taurus I and II bass pedals, logan strings, Oberheim O-XA, Prophet VS, Roland D50, Kawi K4R, Roland U110, and a gunshell from a hundred years old cannon
Micke Värn -Tokai and Kramer electric guitars, Bjärton and Landola acoustic guitars, Takamine eleven string guitar, Squire 15 Watt, Marshall and Roland JC amps, Boss volume pedal, water pipe
Dan Fors -Pearl drums, Zildjan cymbals, Capella and American classic drum sticks, Alesis D4 drum module and ventilation cap
Ulf Pettersson -Yamaha CP80 Grand Piano, Korg wave station, Mellotron, Korg MS20 Minimoog, Oberheim OB-XA, Koto

Track listing

1 Lullaby (9:04)
2 Sniper (7:00)
3 Permanent vacation (16:28)
4 Intentions (7:20)
5 Beat of a different tree (6:19)
6 Lights (7:25)
7 Bobo the gardener (3:47)
8 Short story (7:05)
9 Tribute (2:59)

Originally released 1994 by VF Productions.
Re-released by Progress Records 2000.

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